DISARTISAN Traditional Turkish Handcrafts

This 20 hour training course will teach you how to make traditional Turkish handcrafts.

  • Definition of Needle craft Process, Major Techniques
  • The History of Needle craft According to Civilisations
  • Handmade Needle craft
  • Model Determination
  • Definition of Turkish Needle craft
  • Tools Used In Drawing Patterns
  • Characteristics of Turkish Needle craft, Fabric and Yarn Characteristics, Pattern Characteristics, Colour characteristics
  • Fabrics used in Turkish Needle craft and their features,
  • A Variety of Linen, Local Weaving, Satin, Velvet, Ödemiş District Silk, Taffeta, Fusing
  • The types of yarn and its properties used in Turkish Needle craft
  • The types and features of auxiliary materials used in Turkish Needle craft, Tools used to transfer the pattern to fabric
  • Passing patterns with copy paper,Turkish Needle craft Stretching Technique
  • Turkish Needle craft Needles, Special Materials such as Pesent, Flat Pesent, Diagonal Pesent, Shaded Pesent, Turning Pesent, Tahrirli Pesent, Filling, Wrapping, Darning, Elder, Treillage, Herringbone Model, Straw Needle
  • Turkish Needle craft, Point lace
  • Evaluation of the produced crafts


Course created by: Eftal ÇEKİ – Mustafakemalpaşa District Everywhere Art Association (Turkey)

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