FREE One-Day Arts & Crafts Course – Cyanotype (UK)

As part of the Erasmus+ project DISARTISAN, Hanta Associates Ltd & Studio Upstairs are providing a range of FREE workshops.

Workshop 1 – Cyanotype: Printing with Light

Training providers: Studio Upstairs & Hanta Associates Ltd

Project: Erasmus+ DISARTISAN


Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print.

Cyanotype was invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel—three years after the birth of photography. Its telltale characteristic is the heavenly blue colour, a result of a chemical reaction when cyanotype is exposed to ultraviolet light.

Known as a photographic printing technique, cyanotype is a unique and easy manual process used to create print patterns, commonly used by artists, botanists, and architects. 

Using a photosensitive solution, the dyes surface blue when in direct contact with light, revealing the original print, with definition and an intense, unique shade of blue. 

The process involves brushing a photo-sensitive emulsion onto the fabric or paper and letting it dry in a dark place.


In this workshop you will create striking blue prints on fine art paper and cloth by using a combination of two safe chemicals that, when mixed together and exposed under sunlight, produce a cyan coloured print… the original ‘blueprint’.

You will learn all the steps required to create your cyanotype prints with ease; from the preparation of the solution, to the creation of images.

You will discover how to apply your prints onto different surfaces such as paper, fabric, wood etc, with the use of photos, plants, flowers, and many everyday objects.

The workshop will equip participants with the knowledge and skill to be able to create a Cyanotype

– Short introduction of Cyanotypes

– Discussing the process and what will be shown during the workshop

– View a range of completed Cyanotypes previously created

– Real time demonstration of the process which will consist of actual creation of a cyanotype with everyday objects.

– Create Cyanotypes with the instruction led by the group facilitator.

– Share creations as a group

*Please note, materials will be provided by training facilitators


“(DIS)ARTISAN” is an Erasmus+ project focused on helping people with mild intellectual disabilities to have access to entrepreneurial learning and integrate them into social life.

This project highlights handcrafted products made by participants with special needs, developing fine motor, drawing, graphics, painting skills and hand-eye coordination, while simultaneously inserting them into the labour marketing through sales and e-commerce.

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Studio Upstairs:

Studio Upstairs provide holistic support to people who are experiencing enduring mental or emotional difficulties so that they can re-create their reasons and purpose for living, move from isolation to community, find new ways to live and experience a better quality of life.

The ambition of the charity is to create a network of sustainable, safe, local studios available to all who need them, as and when they need them.

With support and advice from Diorama Arts and Camden Voluntary Action, Studio Upstairs was set up as a project and opened in October 1988. The co-founders were Douglas Gill, Claire Manson and Jo Hill. They had a windowless office and above them a splendid semi circular studio with steps up onto the roof of Diorama Arts.

The Studio as an organisation became an associate of Diorama Arts. It opened initially for one day a week, then every 18 months opening an extra day as the group grew until in three years it was open five days a week.The studio’s mission at the time was to create art to be seen in the public arena and not to be viewed as ‘mad art’. The studio artists choose how to describe themselves and their work. Fundamental to the running of the studio is that the working team and the members exhibited together and discussed their work together at regular reviews.

Hanta Associates Ltd (HAWP Project):

Hanta Associates Limited is a member of the Hanta Associates Group, the ‘Lead Organisation’ in a consortium (the Hanta Consortium) that helped deliver the ‘Future Jobs Fund’ project for the DWP (Department of Work & Pensions) from late 2009 to 2011. The consortium helped facilitate in excess of 250 FJF job-starts, a significant proportion of which eventually became long-term employment.

From 2015, Hanta Associates Limited helped institutions deliver their apprenticeship, work-placement and internship programmes as well as organising mobilities and training for students, collaborating with a number of colleges from Europe. More recently, Hanta Associates has been implementing and coordinating Erasmus+ funded KA 1 & KA 2 projects, in the following fields:

  • Early School Leaving 
  • Cultural Heritage 
  • Migration 
  • Youth 
  • Disabilities & Education
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Employability 
  • Women’s rights 
  • Health, Nutrition & Substance Misuse 

+ more