Good Practice Booklet

The life of people with disabilities needs the support of legislation and good community practice to adapt to daily situations successfully.  But the road to inclusion starts before that. The first milestone is indeed common awareness of disability rights and possibilities in our local community and abroad. This is the reason why we are eager […]

FREE One-Day Arts & Crafts Course – Cyanotype (UK)

As part of the Erasmus+ project DISARTISAN, Hanta Associates Ltd & Studio Upstairs are providing a range of FREE workshops. Workshop 1 – Cyanotype: Printing with Light Training providers: Studio Upstairs & Hanta Associates Ltd Project: Erasmus+ DISARTISAN WHAT IS CYANOTYPE? Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Cyanotype was invented […]

DISARTISAN Digital Marketing

OverviewOnline marketing and social media is a means of communication which allows people to create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas with international communities and networks. For business, these platforms are used for a multitude of reasons. It’s used to market products, promote brands, connect people and create new business. The platforms are increasingly used […]

DISARTISAN Entrepreneurship

FORMAT1 week durationMode: webinars and e-learningOBJECTIVESunderstanding basic concepts in the area of entrepreneurshipunderstanding the role and importance of entrepreneurship for economic developmentdeveloping personal creativity and entrepreneurial initiativeadopting of the key steps in the elaboration of business ideaLEARNING OUTCOMES AND BENEFITSPersonal competencies:assess and analyse entrepreneurship as a career choiceefficiently work in a complex environment of multicultural […]

DISARTISAN Traditional Turkish Handcrafts

This 20 hour training course will teach you how to make traditional Turkish handcrafts. Definition of Needle craft Process, Major Techniques The History of Needle craft According to Civilisations Handmade Needle craft Model Determination Definition of Turkish Needle craft Tools Used In Drawing Patterns Characteristics of Turkish Needle craft, Fabric and Yarn Characteristics, Pattern Characteristics, […]

Quiz – Social Media Platforms

This quiz is part of the (DIS)ARTISAN marketing training session and focuses on the variety of popular social media platforms. Match the social media platforms with number of monthly active users.Please click below to start the quiz! Social Media Platforms – Monthly Users Quiz Course created by: Hanta Associates Ltd (United Kingdom)

Transnational Project Meeting #1 – Romania

In January 2019, partners from Turkey, Romania, Portugal, Italy and the UK met in Braila, Romania, for the project “(DIS) ARTISAN”. The Transnational meeting was hosted by Associatia Art-Terapie.CES.AU. The Erasmus+ project “(DIS) ARTISANS ” is focused on helping people with mild intellectual disabilities to have access to entrepreneurial learning and make them integrated into […]

Approved Erasmus+ Project

“(DIS)ARTISAN” is an Erasmus+ project focused on helping people with mild intellectual disabilities to have access to entrepreneurial learning and integrate them into social life. This project highlights handcrafted products made by participants with special needs, developing fine motor, drawing, graphics, painting skills and hand-eye coordination, while simultaneously inserting them into the labour marketing through sales […]

Welcome to

Welcome Welcome to the official website for A website created to showcase the many amazing products created by talented people with disabilities, both young and old. About the project (DIS)ARTISAN is an Erasmus+ funded project focused on empowering and supporting people with disabilities, particularly through Arts & Crafts.